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ThermoHeal NeckSaver

ThermoHeal NeckSaver

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Eliminating Multiple Types of Pain

After extensive research and collaboration with medical experts, we’ve discovered an effective treatment for major neck disorders: Cervical Spondylosis Whiplash Injury Cervical Radiculopathy. In each of these conditions, our approach of applying heat through magnetic therapy plays a crucial role. It relaxes muscles, boosts blood flow, and eases pain, making it a suitable and lasting complementary treatment.

Eliminating Multiple Types of Pain

  • Instantly alleviate Neck pain
  • headaches relief
  • Eliminate intense pressure on nerves
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve neck posture
  • immediately relax tight muscles

Magnetic Therapy is the Superior Choice for Neck Pain

Biofield Enhancement: Boosts the body’s magnetic field, aiding in inflammation reduction and recovery.

Pain Signal Disruption: Interferes with pain signals to the brain, reducing pain perception without drugs.

Improved Circulation: Stimulates blood flow, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery for tissue repair.

Cellular Activation: Influences cell behavior to accelerate tissue repair and reduce inflammation.

Endorphin Release: Triggers natural painkillers, providing pain relief and promoting relaxation.

Enhanced Blood Flow: Increases blood circulation in the neck area, further aiding in healing and pain relief.

How to Wear The Brace

Tightly Worn For Higher Temperature:

Enhances healing, reduces pain through improved blood circulation, and muscle relaxation through intensified therapeutic effects. Recommended for 1 session per day, lasting 10 -30 minutes.

Loosely Worn For Lower Temperature:

Ideal for extended wear, this style offers enhanced comfort for daily activity and is suitable for sensitive skin. Recommended for 1 session, lasting 30-45 minutes


Risk Free Natural Heat

The neck brace generates warmth by enhancing blood flow through magnetic therapy. As the magnets improve circulation in the neck and shoulder area, this naturally increases the region’s temperature. The warmth is a result of the body’s own heat, amplified by better blood flow, providing a gentle and effective way to manage neck discomfort and pain.

Before Neck Saver

After NeckSaver

The Future Is Comfort!

  • 98% Reported less neck tension and increased comfort.
  • 96% Felt a significant decrease in tension headaches.
  • 97% Experienced improved neck posture and reduced pain.

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