What others think about us:

  • - Theodora Nelson -

    “I LOVE this product! I love the bag. My daughter has worn it to school for 2 years and has no signs of wearing it so far. Very durable. I think it will work for diapers as well.”

  • - Judith Forno -

    "My reasons for loving the backpack: It's beautiful, It is VERY durable and strong. I load it up and have never had an issue with anything becoming unsewn or torn; It hold SO MUCH. The outside pocket holds a lot, and is secure with a zipper and a flap."

  • - Justin Asford -

    "Looks exactly like it shows! All the women in my family have them now !! Find your pattern or color and go for it !! I love my Bohemian Bag."

  • - Alyssa Pauly -

    "We really love this backpack. Measurements don’t mean much to me because I don’t carry around a ruler, so I just want to let you know that this backpack is big enough for second grade and i would say up until 4th! Seems to be pretty durable so far!"

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