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ReliefRx™ – Smart Knee Massager

ReliefRx™ – Smart Knee Massager

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“My husband bought ReliefRx for me and I tried it and was mind blown. This is so easy to use and instantly relieves knee pain. Using this device, I can move freely without pain for a good while. This is a game changer. Love mine so much, I bought one for my Dad and he agrees, pain gone almost instantaneously! Maybe he won’t have to get surgery for his knees after all!”

– Ava Rush
Verified Buyer

The knees absorb a huge amount of pressure with every step – typically one-and-a-half times the body weight. Over time, this results in osteoarthritis, the wearing away of the knee cartilage, which causes chronic knee pain. Eventually, the tough tissue between the knee bones can disappear, resulting in excruciating bone-on-bone pain that requires knee-replacement surgery.

ReliefRx is a knee massager that features vibration, heating, and infrared and laser lighting. This innovative device promotes blood circulation, reduces inflammation, relieves pressure, and ultimately provides instant relief from any knee pain. Enjoy the fast-acting results of ReliefRx and the ability to move freely and live life without being held back by constant discomfort.


  • HEATING MODES: Equipped with 3 adjustable heating modes of different intensity, ReliefRx provides a customizable option for a targeted massage experience. Heat therapy increases blood flow to the affected area, promoting healing and reducing inflammation.
  • VIBRATION MASSAGE: ReliefRx offers 3 modes of vibration – low, high, and auto – to meet the diverse needs of its users. Whether in need of a light massage or a deep tissue massage, the different modes provide personalized relief for knee pain and improves mobility.

  • MULTI-FUNCTION: ReliefRx offers versatility with its ability to provide relief not only for the knees, but also for other joints like the elbow and shoulder. This allows for targeted treatment in various areas, leading to an overall improvement in mobility and pain relief.
  • DUAL LIGHT THERAPY: ReliefRx also features infrared and laser lighting, providing a unique therapeutic experience for those with knee pain. These lights penetrate deep into the tissue to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote tissue repair and regeneration.

LED TOUCH SCREEN: Unlike other massagers, ReliefRx features a LED touch screen that enhances the user experience with a clear interface. This allows for easy customization of therapy sessions and makes achieving the desired level of relief convenient and effortless.


1. Position the device over the knee and secure it in place using the adjustable velcro straps.

2. To activate the auto mode, press and hold the power button located at the center. For manual mode, simply press and release the power button.

3. In manual mode, adjust the heat intensity (right button) and vibration intensity (left button) accordingly.

4. Enjoy instant pain relief!

We understand the pain and discomfort that arises in our knees and other joints as we get older, especially if arthritis is involved. It can be extremely frustrating and debilitating to constantly be in pain and struggle to live a normal life and do the things we love! According to Personalized Orthopedics, almost 800,000 knee replacements are performed each year in the United States alone!

ReliefRx is the perfect solution for anyone seeking pain relief and improved mobility in their joints! Its advanced features, such as infrared and laser lighting and multiple modes of vibration and heating effectively target and alleviate pain in not just the knees, but also other joints. Say goodbye to knee discomfort and hello to a new level of mobility and freedom with ReliefRx!


Length: 7.5 in

Width: 6.3 in


(1) x ReliefRx

(1) x USB Charging Cord

(1) x User Manual

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