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Fireball Launching Magic Wand - SALE

Fireball Launching Magic Wand - SALE

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“Do you really know magic?”

“This is magic!

You will become a real wizard, instantly attracting the attention of everyone around you.

Note: This is a magic wand that can really breathe fire. Please read all the safety information carefully and use it carefully.

The flame paper we give away can cast INCENDIO about 200 times, Of course, you can also purchase additional.

Products include: Wand, flame paper

Wand Length: 16 inches

Material: Resin, Handmade

Range: 10-25 feet, the bigger the ball of paper, the farther the fireball flies

Charging method: USB [Can be used repeatedly]

Say the magic words INCENDIO

Become a "Sirius" Wizard!

Say the magic words INCENDIO 🔥 and summon a blaze from this fire shooter wand that will leave everyone Petrificus! 😳 Each flick and swish of this wand brings the magical world closer to reality, making every gathering an enchanting experience.

Shoots Real Fireballs

💥Fireballs are so real. It uses a special flash paper that disappears in seconds after the shot. Just put the paper into this fire shooting wand, press the magic button and watch your friends' jaws drop! 😲 With each press, a burst of fire shoots out, turning your hangouts into a magical show. 🧙 It's easy, safe, and sure to amaze everyone around you!

Fire Shooter Wand: Handmade by Wizards

Fire Shooter Wand: Handmade by Wizards

All Incendio fireball magic wands are handmade by the Ollivander family. You can't buy them in a regular store. There's only one way... if you visit the Ollivander store yourself! It's an amazing place, almost like a real flaming wand shop. Every wand here is crafted with care, and every purchase feels special. They are not available in Muggle stores, but a trip to Ollivander's store is a step into the magical world, and finding a wand becomes a real adventure.

This Wand shoots real fireballs with the power of Incendio -Try an Expulsion, or a Confringo, or even a Sectumsempra on your enemies


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