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Bye Critter - Pest Free Home

Bye Critter - Pest Free Home

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Get Rid of Pests In Your Home With The Bye Critter

A cutting-edge device that uses state-of-the-art ultrasonic wave technology to drive pests, insects, and rodents away from your home.

Cruelty-free and completely safe for you and your family.

The Bye Critter: Keep Your Home Pest- Free This Season

  • DRIVE OUT PESTS FROM YOUR HOME- Utlizing cutting-edge ultrasonic and electromagnetic technology to drive pests away, which effectively keeps them out of your home.
  • LARGE COVERAGE AREA- Up to 800 sq ft. Please keep in mind that ultrasonic waves cannot pass through walls. For maximum protection, we recommend installing a unit in each room.
  • NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS OR POISONS- Our mice repellent is completely safe and effective. Pests are naturally driven out without being killed. There is no need to clean up dead insects and pests. Our ultrasonic pest repellent makes pests uncomfortable, causing them to flee.
  • EASY TO USE- Simply plug our electronic pest control mouse repellent in the unit and let it do the rest. Use 1 unit per average-sized room with a pest problem.

All-Around Protection For Your Home, Cruelty Free

This discreet device uses cutting-edge bionic, electromagnetic, and ultrasonic wave technologies that humans and pets cannot hear to create an uncomfortable, but non-lethal environment for rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, and other undesirable insect and animal guests entering your home

Simply plug in the device and your home will be completely free of unwanted household pests in no time

How Does the Bye Critter Work?

An Effective Way To Repelling Pests And Keeping Them Out Permanently


Plug in your device and the pest removal process begins. The ultrasonic waves begin to irriate the pest causing them give up their shelter and move to a new location


The auditory and nervious systems of the pest begins to break down. The possibilities of survival starts to decrease causing the pest to flee to areas without high pitch frequency


The ultrasonic frequency will continue to cause discomfort for the pest making the habitat intolerable. The survival instinct for the pest will activate and drive them away. Say goodbye forever!

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