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Bark Buster – Ultrasonic Dog Training and Anti Dog Barking Device – Easy, safe and humane!

Bark Buster – Ultrasonic Dog Training and Anti Dog Barking Device – Easy, safe and humane!

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Stop your dog’s constant barking and bad habits instantly!

No more excessive barking, chewed up shoes, digging up the garden or jumping on guests.

All Dogs. All bad behavior. GONE!

Restore peace in seconds with the Bark Buster Ultrasonic Dog Training and Anti Dog Barking Device; the safe, COLLAR-FREE fast, friendly fix for a chill home with just the push of a button. Simple, affordable, and stress-free. It’s your all-in-one solution for compassionate training and behavior correction. NO SHOCK. NO HARM. JUST HUSH!

BONUS – Quickly repels stray dogs for your safety!

Train Your Dog Quickly and Easily

NEW & IMPROVED 2023 device is easy to use. It’s gentle yet highly effective, emitting a humane ultrasonic noise that instantly grabs your dog’s attention without causing any harm.

2023 New & Improved Bark Buster!

  • Easy, safe, collar-free, effective way to train your dog.
  • Stop barking instantly with the touch of a button.
  • Excellent for dog recall, as it works up to 50 feet away!
  • Stops your dog from jumping on guests.
  • Portable for walks and dog parks.
  • Even works on your neighbor’s dog.
  • Repels stray dogs for your added safety!
  • Portable for walks and dog parks.
  • Powerful bright flashlight feature.
  • No batteries required – Rechargeable.

Janice D. 5 out of 5 Star Rating

Reviewed on September 24, 2023

Verified Purchase “Love this product! We have 4 doggos that bark at whatever noise they hear outside. This product is a god send! They only need to see it now and they stop barking instantly. Best spent money!!! It even worked on our neighbor’s dog. He knows me very well and kept barking. I pointed it towards him after his owner asked him to stop barking and it worked. His owner was so happy that he ordered one for his dog as well!”

Bark Buster Benefits You Will Love

  • Kindness First: We’re all about ethical training. Unlike shock collars that can cause physical and emotional distress, Bark Buster is compassionate, stress-free communication and training.
  • User-Friendly: Bark Buster is easy to use. Just point and press. Comes with a free Dog Training and Instructional Manual with detailed instructions and other tips and tricks to help get your dog’s barking and undesirable habits under control.
  • All-In-One Solution: From barking to chewing and digging, Bark Buster tackles it all for training and behavior correction. It even works on your neighbour’s dogs!
  • Portable Companion: Bark Buster goes where you and your dog go. It’s pocket-sized and ready for action at home or on your outdoor adventures. New & improved, now works within 50 feet between you and your dog.

Cons of Other Training Methods:

  • Harsh Shock Collars: Traditional shock collars can be cruel and traumatic for your furry friend, leading to fear and anxiety.
  • Inconsistent Techniques: Scouring the internet for different training methods can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Inconsistent approaches can confuse your pup and delay progress.
  • Time-Consuming Manual Training: Training using treats can lead to weight gain and other health issues and commands can take ages to show results. Consistency is key, and with our busy lives, it’s not always feasible.
  • Expensive Professional Trainers: While effective, hiring a professional dog trainer can burn a hole in your pocket. Plus, it might require ongoing sessions to ensure lasting behavior change.

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